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Community Development

Rejuvenating Small Communities

The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership (SEHP) is committed to assisting low- to moderate-income families in finding affordable housing in rural areas. This is a critical component to rejuvenating economic growth and keeping families in small towns. Small towns in South Dakota are losing young people and families to urban areas where jobs and housing are plentiful. Housing in rural areas can be difficult to build and develop affordably since material prices are similar to metro areas, but income is lower and growth is slower.

Affordable Housing Resource Centers

In conjunction with a grant provided by the Citi Foundation, we have established an Affordable Housing Resource Center program for participating communities. The centers’ primary focus is to educate homebuyers and to provide resources for low- to moderate-income families. Participating communities include Garretson, Baltic, Hartford, Centerville, Parker, Harrisburg, Canton and Tea.

Creating Partnerships & Financing

As a vital resource to homebuyers and the communities we serve, the SEHP has built partnerships valuable to the development and financing of affordable housing in the Sioux Empire. We’ve established partnerships that have included local and federal grant dollars, zero interest loan pools and reduced fees from lenders and Realtors and discounted materials. We work with each community in creating their own partnerships that can similarly reduce the price of homes being constructed.

Affordable Housing Developments

The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership began developing affordable housing in 1999 with a project in Sioux Falls at Lacey Park. Since then, we have completed the development of over 49 new construction homes. With over a decade of experience in developing land and creating neighborhoods, we can offer consulting advice in the development of new neighborhoods in other communities.

  • Lacey Park Read more
  • The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership's affordable housing project at Lacey Park offers a peaceful environment that is near business, making a quick commute to work. The 56 homes are a mixture of homes donated and moved from the Avera McKennan Hospital campus and completely renovated and quality, new construction homes. The Lacey Park project was made possible through donations made by the City of Sioux Falls, Avera McKennan Hospital and Wells Fargo, as well as generous funding from local lenders and Forward Sioux Falls.
  • Valley Green Read more
  • In 2004, SEHP purchased a tract of land in the northeast portion of Sioux Falls. The land was purchased at a discount rate and the development costs were reduced to develop the land. Eleven area banks formed a zero interest loan pool to fund the construction of new construction homes to be sold to low- to moderate-income households. Forty-nine homes were added to the city of Sioux Falls for low- to moderate-income families at or below 80% of the median income.
  • Hayward Meadows Read more
  • Hayward Meadows is our newest development that will house a combination of multifamily and single family homes. It is located near 5th Street and Marion Road and will have a bike trail access and green space that will connect the housing development to Hayward Elementary School. 



The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership is also experienced in purchasing, rehabbing and re-selling homes to low- to moderate-income residents individually. This is possible because the SEHP became HUD preferred non-profit buyer of REO properties. We have the capability of buying homes in the state that come available, or would offer consulting advice on neighborhood revitalization. The rehabbing in selected neighborhoods resulted in a HUD "Best Practice Award."

  • Whittier Neighborhood Read more
  • The Whittier Neighborhood in Sioux Falls was the first revitalization effort undertaken by the Sioux Empire Housing Partnership, along with the City of Sioux Falls. A total of nine houses have been rehabbed and sold below market value to the first time home buyers. The benefits of this rehabbing not only resulted in new home ownership, but also the neighborhood itself has visually improved.
  • Centerville Read more
  • The City of Centerville, SD also benefitted through the efforts of SEHP when the organizations partnered to purchase a HUD property and renovate a deteriorating, older home utilizing NSP funds. This effort not only brought this beautiful home into its original stately condition, but also allowed a qualifying family to move to Centerville and enjoy and enhance this growing community. We were proud to be a part of this venture and wish to thank those in Centerville who encouraged this growth.
  • Menlo Project Read more
  • The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership undertook the Pettigrew Heights development in the fall of 2007 and it was completed in the winter of 2008. It is a multifamily unit of 5 condominiums located on 10th Street and Menlo Avenue that are being leased to those wishing to live near the heartbeat of the city. The units are approximately 1,100 square feet, consisting of two bedrooms and 1-1/2 bathrooms. They are within minutes of the businesses, shops and restaurants of downtown Sioux Falls. For leasing information, please call (605) 339-0942 or e-mail


Homebuyer Education

SEHP offers homebuyer education to residents of participating communities. We have educated thousands of homebuyers on the financial aspects of home ownerships in one on one counseling sessions or group seminars. These classes have proven to create more responsible and knowledgeable homeowners.