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Rental Education

The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership offers rental education – the first step to responsible home ownership. How you pay your rent and bills in a timely fashion and how you maintain your rental unit reflects on what type of homeowner you may be. The subjects discussed in rental education include the following:

Overview of Renting

  • Renting vs. Ownership
  • Understanding the rental process and applicable tenant laws
  • Analyze problems and establish goals
  • Draft a budget
  • Prioritize expenses – necessary and other expenses
  • How to set aside funds for a future goal

Obtaining Rental Housing

  • What type of neighborhood will work for your particular needs?
    • Schools – safety – transportation – available grocery stores
  • What type of unit is best for you – apartment, duplex, house
  • Apartment inspection checklist
  • The application process
  • Screening policies – why most landlords require a credit and criminal background check
  • The lease – what to look for and how to understand it
  • Deposits and how to protect security deposits

Other Considerations

  • Privacy – when can a landlord enter a rental unit?
  • Safety and repair
    • What is the landlord responsible for and what are his rights?
    • What is the tenant responsible for and what are his rights?
  • Roommates and neighbors
    • Roommate agreements/checklists
    • How to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors to have a good rental experience
  • Renters insurance – is it necessary? 
  • How to deal with landlord disputes
  • Breaking a lease by the tenant or landlord
  • The impact of foreclosures on renters


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